-> Sci-Fi Tram Station

This environment was created together with Brecht Lecluyse and Angelino Desmet in UDK.
I was mainly responsible for asset creation, along with some shaders and the overall design of the environment.


->Asset breakdown

Below is a breakdown of some of the assets I created for this level. Design of all the assets shown was done by me, in collaboration with my team members. We inspired ourselves by movies like Prometheus and games likes Dead Space and Natural Selection.

To speed up the workflow, nDo2 was used to create the normal maps, rather than building detailed high poly meshes for everything.

The generator below was one of the center pieces of the level. Even though it is a unique piece, I tried to break it down into a few parts, so the pieces could be reused again around the level. On top of that the level designer could then still play with the proportions of the generator as he saw fit.

Central Generator
Small Props